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E-TECH LIBERIA delivers widespread IT services ranging from Software development, Network Infrastructure and Design, Computer Maintenance, Data Security, Data Mining, Corporate Training, and Print Services.

Our clients are companies of all sizes oscillating from small to large enterprises that appreciate the need of a proficient IT solution to maximize profit. We provide both software and hardware solutions to enhance our clients business productivities.  


  • E-Tech Liberia School Management System
  • E-Tech Liberia Employees Clock in/Clock out Management System (Employees Daily Attendance Tracking System).
  • E- Tech Liberia Institution’s Document Archive Management System
  • E- Tech Liberia Institution’s Fixed Asset System

Schools Online Result Checker

In September 2017, E-Tech Liberia launched its first software called E-TECH LIBERIA School Management System and its program titled STUDENTS’ ONLINE PERIODIC RESULT CHECKER AND DAILY ATTENDANCE.

Create/Build Professional Websites

Looking for the latest in Website Designs? ETech Liberia is just the right choice. We can Create/build any Responsive website of your choice... be it Admin Dasboard, Bootstrap HTML5, WordPress, PHP, ...

Relational DataBase Management System

No Business/Institutions can survive without a Database Managememt System. ETech Liberia has the best Trained Staffs th...

E-Tech Liberia

E-TECH LIBERIA Incorporated, is a Liberian Software Development Company registered with the Government of Liberia, to provide tailored made Software solutions, Network Infrastructure and Design, Computer hardware configuration and Maintenance,  and high quality Print services of any kind to clients in Liberia.

We are innovative Liberians with intend  to inform, train,  and inspire Liberians about the importance of Technology in the 21st Century, wherein they will bridge the gap to build and maintain reliable and cost-effective solutions in enhancing financial inclusion and transformational developments for all Liberians.

Meet Our Team

We are obsessed with learning what make teams great, how technology is changing the way we work, and what organizations can do to create a better future for everyone. We want to spend our careers helping institutions understand the advancement of technology in the 21st-century and what they can do to survive and thrive in this era of exponential change.

Jerry Gbotoe

Founder & CEO 


Canice Morris

Co - Founder


Raphael Hanyor

Web Developer


Lucky Palmer

Project Manager



Students Result Checker

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We are located Two Blocks Behind YWCA, Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.