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In September 2017, E-Tech Liberia launched its first software called E-TECH LIBERIA School Management System and its program titled STUDENTS’ ONLINE PERIODIC RESULT CHECKER AND DAILY ATTENDANCE.


  • To migrate from manual storage and retrieval of students’ data to cloud storage and retrieval.
  • For parents/guardians to monitor their kids activities in school.
  • To eradicate students jumping from one class to another class.
  • For Liberia to have a complete and accurate cloud database of all schools going students in the Republic within the next 5 years.

The Application enables Adminstrators of Primary and Secondary Schools  across the nation to have their Students' Academic Results and Daily Attendance placed online, so that parents can have quick access to thier child's or children's Academic Progress Report and Daily Attendance during their (parents/guardians) convenience times using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer at any place in the world once internet is available.

Administrative Benefit

The following are the administrative benefits of this application, which are, but not limited to the following advantages:

  1. A complete secure cloud database that will
  • Always be available 24/7 and can be access from any part of the world once internet is available
  • Improve collaboration
  • Have less environmental impact
  • Improved mobility, etc.
  1. A software meant to build parent-school relationship
  2. A software meant to build inter-schools relationship
  3. A software meant to eradicate class jumpers


E-TECH Liberia - STUDENTS’ ONLINE PERIODIC RESULT CHECKER AND DAILY ATTENDANCE WEB-BASED APPLICATION provides the following report for administrators of schools.

  • List of students per academic year
  • List of students per class
  • List of students per gender
  • List of students based on age range
  • List of Teachers and their qualification
  • Academic progress report per class
  • Academic progress report per student
  • Daily Attendance per class
  • Daily Attendance per student
  • Rank of students based on academic progress report average per period.

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We are located Two Blocks Behind YWCA, Tubman Boulevard, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.